Guitar / Vocals



“Vancouver BC is quickly becoming known for its underground punk roots, and bands like Mediaslaves are just one of a plethora of super rad outfits that you should be paying attention to.” - Dental Records Music News, New York.

Mediaslaves is a Canadian punk rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. Their aggressive and melodic sound is peppered with a heavy groove, blending catchy skate punk with elements of grunge rock and hardcore.

Performing together since 2019, the trio of Johnny Papan (guitar/vocals), Sean Tanner (bass) and Jono Delivuk (drums) have already been featured in both national and international press and online radio. Their music has been publicly showcased across Canada, Scotland, Australia, England, India and the United States thus far. Their debut single "Fleeks and Geeks" was officially playlisted by influential punk rock label Fat Wreck Chords for their AIDS Bike Ride Charity event.

Mediaslaves dropped their debut EP Fear and Loathing in Outer Space on January 29, 2021. The tracks contained in this four-track EP have been praised by independent music publications. 

Canadian publication V13 said "Anxiety" was "a song that is a perfect representation of the swing of moods and emotions that are typical of the times in which we live," and "there’s definitely an Alice In Chains, early Soundgarden vibe to this song, something you sadly don’t hear very often anymore."

The music video for "Anxiety" gained film festival recognition. It was an Official Selection for the International Music Video Awards as well as the Lift-Off Global Network Film Festival in 2021.

Australian publication Punktuation! Magazine called the track "Manipulate Me" "catchy as fuck" and the Moshville Times in England named Mediaslaves their Band of the Day in October 2020. Dental Records Music News in New York, USA simply called Mediaslaves a "super rad outfit that you should be paying attention to."