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Guitar / Vocals



“Vancouver BC is quickly becoming known for its underground punk roots, and bands like Mediaslaves are just one of a plethora of super rad outfits that you should be paying attention to.” - Dental Records Music News, New York.

Mediaslaves are a Canadian punk rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. Their blend of fast, in-your-face punk songwriting sensibilities and thick, heavy musical tonality creates an explosive blend of aggression, melody and catchiness. Their grungy hardcore-punk sound marries nostalgic vibes with contemporary edge.


Many of their songs serve as a piercing critique of modern issues like corporate greed and political corruption while also touching on strange social behaviors and relatable personal turmoils. Mediaslaves' anarchistic lyricism doesn't shy away from shouting the pressing concerns of our times.


“The rich are getting much richer as the lower and middle class are gouged for every little nickel and dime we have,” guitar/vocalist Johnny Papan once said in an interview with No Echo Magazine. “I’m not necessarily against the idea of having lots of money, making enough to leave our day jobs and live comfortably would be sweet. But I feel like there are a lot of people out there willing to screw people over to make a buck.”


This sonic rollercoaster is amplified on stage. Mediaslaves is rapidly gaining a reputation both at home and abroad for their electrifying live shows. In 2023, Mediaslaves marked a significant milestone by completing their first international tour in the United Kingdom, where they captivated audiences in both England and Scotland, including a performance at the three-day New Rock City Music Festival in London. 


Mediaslaves has achieved widespread recognition without the aid of record labels, PR firms, or artist-management services. Their spellbinding sound has captured the attention of media outlets worldwide, earning them accolades and airplay across Canada, Scotland, Australia, England, India, Costa Rica, and the United States. Notably, the band’s first single "Fleeks and Geeks" was recognized and playlisted by influential punk rock label Fat Wreck Chords.


Punktuation! Magazine from Australia lauded Mediaslaves as "catchy as hell," while the Moshville Times in England honored them as the Band of the Day in October 2020. In New York, USA, Dental Records Music News succinctly described Mediaslaves as a "super rad outfit that you should pay attention to.”

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